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It was a beautiful sunny and clear day in Bimini Bahamas when two scuba divers did not surface after the agreed 50 min dive time. Everyone in the group surfaced, but these two divers.

The captain of the boat honked his horn twice to signal for the two divers to surface and still no sign of the divers. The dive time was now approaching 80 mins and still no sign of the divers. This was a critical time because at that length of time the divers would be running very low on air and almost reaching their decompression limits.

As the captain was getting ready to call the coast guard and the other divers were getting ready to suit up and search for these two divers they finally noticed bubbles about one kilometre away.

The two divers finally surfaced and made it back to the boat to share their story. WE GOT ABDUCTED BY FOUR REEF SHARKS!

Now we all know that there is no way that reef sharks could abduct people. What had happened in the case of these two divers was that they had finally encountered the white tip reef sharks which were the main purpose of their trip to Bimini.

They had started to follow these reef sharks in the clear waters along the beautiful reef and had lost track of time and their depth. They started to get deeper and deeper facing more nitrogen narcosis with all their attention focused on the sharks until finally one of them noticed his dive time and signaled to surface.

The crystal clear waters of the Bahamas with its great reef and pelagic fish has this impact on divers. Not every scuba diver in the Bahamas gets abducted by sharks, but certainly many lose track of time due to the beauty of the place they are in.

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