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If you look on a map, you can barely spot the Maldives sitting in the Laccadive Sea just southwest of Sri Lanka and India, but the Maldives is an archipelago that makes up almost 2000 islands, with less than 300 inhabited, across 26 atolls. When you fly to the islands all you see is white […]

Ever wonder what it would be like to sleep and dive on an oil rig? Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia should be on every diver’s bucket list if it is not already! Not only can you dive an oil rig, but you can stay overnight on one. It may not seem so glamorous at first, but the […]

Many people wonder what is so special about scuba dive travel. Why would scuba divers spends thousands of dollars a year to travel to remote places to experience scuba dive travel? This is something that is hard to describe until you have experienced it yourself. I will attempt to put this into perspective for you! […]

This is a question that has been asked by most scuba divers. It is like asking whether you like hot tea or ice tea. It is tough isn’t it because each has its own special attributes. On a hot day I am sure you would not be holding a cup of hot tea unless you […]

  Thursday, August 21st 2014 Dive with Magnificent Turtles Have you ever dived with giant turtles? Nungwi beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania is a breading ground for turtles. Marine turtles occur in tropical and sub-tropical seas throughout the world. 7 species exist on earth, and 5 of them can be found in the Western Indian Ocean. […]

The Maldives is considered by some to be the manta ray heaven, so if your crazy over mantas this is your destination. The Maldives is a destination that offers a great trip for divers and non-divers alike. It is a baby in the tourism scene as tourism was only introduced in 1972. We are not […]

The Red Sea is filled with a vast amount of dive sites that are so different and unique from each other that even after logging over 200 dives in the Red Sea you still won’t see it all. The Red Sea is split into three popular regions which are the Gulf of Aqaba, North Red […]

Shark & Yolanda Reef is an all time favourite for any diver that has been to the Red Sea in Egypt. It is ranked within the top ten dive sites worldwide. Now you might be wondering what makes this dive site so special? Shark & Yolanda Reef consists of two pinnacles that drop into the […]

It was a beautiful sunny and clear day in Bimini Bahamas when two scuba divers did not surface after the agreed 50 min dive time. Everyone in the group surfaced, but these two divers. The captain of the boat honked his horn twice to signal for the two divers to surface and still no sign […]