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This is a question that has been asked by most scuba divers. It is like asking whether you like hot tea or ice tea. It is tough isn’t it because each has its own special attributes. On a hot day I am sure you would not be holding a cup of hot tea unless you are a Bedouin in the desert and that’s all you are use to drinking. The opposite would apply on a cold winter day.

So is it really worth it to go diving in cold water? Just so we are all on the same page. We are defining cold water as anything below 15oC or for our American friends 60oF.

For those that have never been cold water diving before lets put cold water diving into perspective. It is a completely different experience than your tropical exotic diving. For those looking to dive in a wetsuit, you would be wearing two pieces that are each 7mm thick. To be able to sink you will need over 35 pounds in weight.

Now that you are in the mindset of being a cold water scuba diver. We can go back to our initial question. Is it worth it? As limited as there is marine life in most cold water diving locations there are other incredible things to see.

Imagine yourself diving under the ice in a frozen quarry, where the water is so still you would think and feel like you are in space.The picture shown at the top of the post was actually taken in popular cold water diving destination.

Surprising enough, some cold water dive sites have incredible sponges and nudibranchs that would make you think you are looking at incredible colourful gardens of corals. Browning Pass in British Columbia, Canada is an great example of this.

Cold water diving has so much to offer if scuba divers kept an open mind and wanted to experience something different. Yes you probably will need to be more physically fit that you are use to in warmer waters to deal with the extra layers, but it brings an amazing new perspective to you diving. Check out the great video shot below at Browning Pass.