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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia holds one of the last reefs that truly has not been touched or destroyed by man. Saudi Arabia has managed to protect its share of the Red Sea from people because only an exclusive few are allowed to scuba dive there. You might have the rare chance with a selected few to scuba dive there in 2013.

Tourist visas currently are non-existent in Saudi Arabia so you have to be living or working there to have the luxury of diving in that reef. This is why only a few get to dive this phenomenal reef.

Ahmed Nassrat (one of the owners of Atlantic Adventure Divers), has spent over 12 years in Saudi Arabia and has visited mnay of the reefs on its Red Sea coast from Jeddah to Yanbu. For those that have been truly amazed by the Red Sea in Egypt or Sudan, they have no idea what prestine reefs are like until they scuba dive in Saudi Arabia. Ahmed might be able to give you a chance to see what he seen in the next year.

Those that are following our facebook group must have seen the documentary that National Geographic has filmed on scuba diving in Saudi Arabia.

We are currently working together with one of the biggest dive centers in Saudi Arabia to issue some exclusive visas for a small group of 6 in 2013 to spend a week on one of the finest liveaboards scuba diving the prestine reefs of Saudi Arabia.

We are working on a trip that is one of a kind that will incorporate scuba diving the Red Sea from Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia in a span of 3 weeks doing over 75 dives.