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Jacques Cousteau had a vision to bring the beauty of the seas and oceans to the world. He spent his whole life working hard to ensure that people understand what is beneath this marvellous place to insure we take good care of it. One only wonders what Jacques would say today if he sees what […]

Not a lot of dive sites around the world can boast to have incredible reefs, great visibility and giant marine life like sharks and rays. There is one dive site that can and it is located in the beautiful island of the Maldives. This dive site is among the top five dive sites around the […]

The Red Sea is filled with a vast amount of dive sites that are so different and unique from each other that even after logging over 200 dives in the Red Sea you still won’t see it all. The Red Sea is split into three popular regions which are the Gulf of Aqaba, North Red […]

Shark & Yolanda Reef is an all time favourite for any diver that has been to the Red Sea in Egypt. It is ranked within the top ten dive sites worldwide. Now you might be wondering what makes this dive site so special? Shark & Yolanda Reef consists of two pinnacles that drop into the […]

The Maldives was a country that relied purely on fisheries as its main source of income. Maldives was largely terra incognita for tourists until the early 1970s. The first tourist resorts were opened in 1972 with Bandos island resort and Kurumba Village, which transformed the Maldives economy. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the emergence […]

The historic town of Siwa stands on an isolated oasis situated in the Western Desert region of Egypt, approximately 550 km west of the capital Cairo and 305 km south-west of Marsa Matruh. Extending some 80 km in length and 20 km in width, the oasis is one of the most isolated settlements in the […]

It is everyone’s dream to visit Africa. The adventurous ones also dream about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. What if we can tell you that we have a very special and unique trip where you can visit one of the best Safari Parks in Africa and climb Mount Kilimanjaro? That’s not all! Also you will spend 5 […]

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia holds one of the last reefs that truly has not been touched or destroyed by man. Saudi Arabia has managed to protect its share of the Red Sea from people because only an exclusive few are allowed to scuba dive there. You might have the rare chance with a selected […]

It was a beautiful sunny and clear day in Bimini Bahamas when two scuba divers did not surface after the agreed 50 min dive time. Everyone in the group surfaced, but these two divers. The captain of the boat honked his horn twice to signal for the two divers to surface and still no sign […]