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We are not a dive travel agency! We are your dive travel consultants. We take the best diving around the world and put it in a trip for you. Don’t waste your time and money on a trip that you won’t get everything you want out off. Come and see us and we can help you put the trip of a lifetime together under the sea and on land. This is why we are one of the top dive travel companies in Canada with a customer base all around the world.


Ahmed Nassrat

Ahmed is a partner in Atlantic Adventure Divers. He holds a Bachelor of Management degree from Dalhousie University. Ahmed has been a certified diver since 2003. He has logged dives in the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Atlantic Ocean, South China Sea and Caribbean (Cancun, Cozumel, Montego Bay, Freeport, Ft. Lauderdale, Cuba, Dominican Republic). Ahmed is an entrepreneur that has operated multi-million dollar businesses.

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Waell Soliman

Waell Soliman is a partner in Atlantic Adventure Divers. He holds a Gemologist degree from George Brown, studied business at York Univeristy and is a TICO certified travel agent who has been working in the travel business his whole life. He is specialized in anything to do with Egypt travel. He has an in depth knowledge of the ancient history of Egypt and is of Nubian origins making him a must have on any trip to Egypt. Waell has organized trips with a diverse group of people from belly dancers to nurses. His groups continue to come back to him every year. He has organized group trips to Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and East Africa.

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Specialized to provide you the best in worldwide scuba diving travel
Are you sick of traveling to different parts of the world and not knowing where some of the great diving is? We make it easy for you to include the best diving to any of your trips. We have traveled the world and discovered the best dive sites to make it easy for you to include them on your next trip. This is why we have a client base from all around the world.
Partner with Circleline Tours (IATA accredited full service Travel Agency and TICO Registered)
Our sister company Circleline Tours is a full service travel agency that provides international travel to hundreds of travelers each year for various trips from tourism and business trips to religious holidays. It is also TICO registered which gives you that extra added protection.
Owned and operated by scuba divers
Ahmed Nassrat (the founder of Atlantic Adventure Divers) had been approached by many scuba divers in Eastern Canada for several years to take them to the Red Sea when they heard that he is from Egypt. This is how Atlantic Adventure Divers started. We went into business to offer you the highest value possible to dive in exotic destinations and save you money.
Wholesaler for the world's best liveaboard dive boats, land based dive operators and dive resorts
We are the best at what we do because we work with the best out there. Ahmed & Waell independently manage Atlantic Adventure Divers and have a great team that will guide all trips run by the organization. This insures that all customers receive the best quality of service possible on all of our trips.
Competitive pricing - our prices are unbeatable
We started in response to the high costs of travel to exotic scuba diving destinations around the world. Many scuba divers can not dive in their dream destinations because of the high cost of travel. For example, an average cost of a two week trip to the Red Sea would be in excess of $6500 CDN dollars with any travel agent. Our goal is to provide more affordable packages to these exotic scuba diving destinations so that you do not see it as a once in a lifetime trip, but a trip done once every few years.