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Shark & Yolanda Reef is an all time favourite for any diver that has been to the Red Sea in Egypt. It is ranked within the top ten dive sites worldwide. Now you might be wondering what makes this dive site so special?

Shark & Yolanda Reef consists of two pinnacles that drop into the blue. In an area with over 200ft visibility, dropping into the blue is quiet deep. These pinnacles are covered in hard and soft corals and an incredible variety of marine life.

To add to this beauty this is an incredible drift dive where you drift on a steady current from one pinnacle to the other. While in between the two pinnacles you a floating in the blue crystal clear waters of the Red Sea which gives you a sense of relaxation and adventure combined.

Who knows what might cross your path as you are drifting over to the second pinnacle! Could it be a school of hammerheads? Could it be a giant Manta Ray?

Anything can cross your path because Shark & Yolanda Reef is located in Ras Mohammed Marine Park which is in the tip of the Sinai Peninsula. This marine park alone has the majority of the worlds top dive sites.

On the east of Ras Mohammed you have the Gulf of Aqaba which connects to the deep north of the Red Sea and on the west of this tip you have the Gulf of Suez which connects to the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean This is a common migration path for a lot of big marine life.

One of the partners in Atlantic Adventure Divers, Ahmed Nassrat, considers this dive site to be his all time favourite. You can experience this dive site today on any of our Red Sea & Egypt trips that cover the Northern Red Sea!