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If you look on a map, you can barely spot the Maldives sitting in the Laccadive Sea just southwest of Sri Lanka and India, but the Maldives is an archipelago that makes up almost 2000 islands, with less than 300 inhabited, across 26 atolls. When you fly to the islands all you see is white […]

Ever wonder what it would be like to sleep and dive on an oil rig? Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia should be on every diver’s bucket list if it is not already! Not only can you dive an oil rig, but you can stay overnight on one. It may not seem so glamorous at first, but the […]

Have you ever had the pleasure of scuba diving an oil rig? There are not very many places around the world that you can do just that. The Pacific Ocean is a good place to start as there are several options for diving an oil rig. Elly and Ellen I had the pleasure of diving […]

Many people wonder what is so special about scuba dive travel. Why would scuba divers spends thousands of dollars a year to travel to remote places to experience scuba dive travel? This is something that is hard to describe until you have experienced it yourself. I will attempt to put this into perspective for you! […]

This is a question that has been asked by most scuba divers. It is like asking whether you like hot tea or ice tea. It is tough isn’t it because each has its own special attributes. On a hot day I am sure you would not be holding a cup of hot tea unless you […]

Tanzania, the Land of Extremes When you think of East Africa, you think about the wild safaris especially the world famous Serengeti Park. True scuba dive enthusiasts are geography experts at heart. That’s because the world’s best scuba diving locations sometimes reads like a who’s who of exotic global locations — Palau, Roatan, Cocos. Many […]

500 Underwater Ruins Discovered so far Around the World Between 17,000 years ago and 7000 years ago, at the end of the last Ice Age, terrible things happened to the world our ancestors lived in. Great ice caps over northern Europe and north America melted down creating huge floods that ripped across the earth. Sea-level […]