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Tanzania, the Land of Extremes

When you think of East Africa, you think about the wild safaris especially the world famous Serengeti Park. True scuba dive enthusiasts are geography experts at heart. That’s because the world’s best scuba diving locations sometimes reads like a who’s who of exotic global locations — Palau, Roatan, Cocos. Many non-divers have likely heard of them but probably can’t pin down their location like your average hardcore diver. Believe it or not, one of those places is being in Tanzania scuba diving.

Most people know that Tanzania is in East Africa, sure, but after that, it’s likely that the imagination takes over when destinations like Zanzibar and Dar-es-Salaam are mentioned. As perhaps one of the longest continually inhabited places on Earth, Tanzania is a land of extremes, from the Serengeti to the sea. It boasts the highest (Mt. Kilimanjaro) and lowest (Lake Tanganyika) points on the continent. But more importantly, Tanzania is bounded on all sides by water – the Indian Ocean to the east, and the great lakes of Africa to the northwest, west and southwest – Lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Malawi. But enough of the imagining — it’s time to experience being in Tanzania scuba diving.

Have you ever thought about being in Tanzania scuba diving? What was just mentioned above was how Nick Lucey from PADI described Tanzania. The coasts of Tanzania contain some of the best scuba diving in the world. If you are ever planning a trip to East Africa then you need to spend some time at Pemba Island off the coast of Zanzibar in Tanzania scuba diving.

Pemba is Tanzania’s northernmost Indian Ocean island and closest to the equator. Scuba diving there is out of this world. It offers quintessential Indian Ocean diving, with coral-choked walls, colorful reefs, big bommies and enormous sea fans orbited by an amazing cast of reef fish. The scuba diving here tends to be more advanced, with depths in the 30-40 metre/100-130 foot range.

Aside from the breath taking coral reefs, while in Pemba, Tanzania scuba diving, you can experience myriad Indian Ocean reef fish, ribbon eels, fire dartfish, chevron barracuda, yellowfin tuna and giant groupers. Generally speaking, September through March is the best time to be in Tanzania scuba diving because the winds and dive conditions are at their best. You can almost always experience great scuba diving in Zanzibar and Pemba’s sheltered sites, while Tanzania sees heavy rains in April and May.

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