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Thursday, April 16th 2015

Discover Pemba Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Underwater lions are not a myth. They are real and exist in so many oceans and seas around the world. They prefer to stick around warmer waters. These majestic creatures created havoc in Florida waters due to their strength as a predator when they were introduced in an environment that they never existed in before.

If you have not caught on to what we are talking about yet, then you haven’t dived much in any exotic locations around the world. Yes we are talking about the powerful lion fish!

There is one place around the world that is rich with an abundance of marine life especially lion fish. This place is Pemba Island off the cost of Zanzibar in Tanzania.

Pemba is a true island with incredibly fertile hilly terrain and spectacular deepwater drop-offs for divers. It is home to some beautiful scenery that has been left relatively unspoiled due to its location away from mainland Tanzania and Kenya. There are very few modern developments on the island with the few resorts being small and contained, and in keeping with the surroundings.

There are also few tourists to Pemba and those that do visit mostly come for the diving and snorkeling. The hot sun, blue sea and green mangroves with no real evidence of human inhabitation except for the fisherman make it a picture-perfect island to explore.

Diving on Pemba can be divided into two halves: the west side and eat side. The west of the island is sheltered by Pemba itself from the thousands of miles of open Indian Ocean that stretch all the way across to Australia and Indonesia. The reefs on this side are more sheltered and pretty, and home to large numbers of reef fish although currents are still usual at the dive sites.

The east of the island is home to some phenomenal drift diving due to its exposed coastline and consequently you get the opportunity of seeing big game fish such as tuna and giant trevally in large shoals and hammerhead sharks. However this side should also come with a warning: the currents are so strong that you will frequently be carried over a kilometre during a 50 minute dive.

A trip to Kenya and Tanzania is a truly remarkable experience. The best safari parks in the world are located there and you can top them off with great diving. Check out our great upcoming trip this summer where you can experience this magnificent place. Click Here for more details.

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Lion Fish Invade!

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Trip Highlights:
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