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Not a lot of dive sites around the world can boast to have incredible reefs, great visibility and giant marine life like sharks and rays. There is one dive site that can and it is located in the beautiful island of the Maldives. This dive site is among the top five dive sites around the world.

Many scuba divers consider Fotteyo Kandu to be the best dive site in the Maldives. The mouth of the channel is exposed to the ocean and during north east monsoon when the currents are incoming. You will not believe the variety of fish that gather at the entrance to the channel.

On a dive here you will experience Gray Reef Sharks patrolling the channel mouth, Jack and Tuna in the deeper water, schools of Midnight Snappers and Red Snapper form in huge groups. The wall features caves, overhangs and swim-throughs at different depths. These caves and overhangs are filled with colourful yellow color like soft coral, deeper caves and overhangs are filled with huge bushes of black corals. Guess what! That’s not all!

Fotteyo Kandu dive site is not only famous for the day dive but also for an early morning Hammerhead dive. This dive is performed very differently from the day dive as divers spend most of the time in the blue water. During the early morning hours Scallop Hammerheads rise to shallower depths and divers get take a glimpse at them.

Fotteyo Kandu has over the years become a top scuba diving destination in the world. That is hardly surprising given the diverse and abundant fish life, and the beautiful underwater landscapes have become a highlight for marine photographers. Experience this dive site today on any of our trips to the Maldives. We offer great rates for groups if you can get a few friends to tag along.