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The historic town of Siwa stands on an isolated oasis situated in the Western Desert region of Egypt, approximately 550 km west of the capital Cairo and 305 km south-west of Marsa Matruh. Extending some 80 km in length and 20 km in width, the oasis is one of the most isolated settlements in the country. Siwa nonetheless holds a special appeal for many travelers on account of its isolation and unique character, its natural beauty and its historical associations. The town has a population of around 25,000. The inhabitants of Siwa Oasis are ethnically Berber and their mother tongue is a Berber language called Siwi, though nearly all Siwis speak Arabic as a second language and many can also speak English.

The special attractions in Siwa include:

– Excurisons to Bir Wahid, (12 km southwest of Siwa.). Hot spring out at the dunes of the Great Sand Sea. Spend a night on a desert safari in a 4×4. Experience enormous rolling sand dunes. Sandboarding can be done at a small additional cost. The cold spring is in fact lake-sized with very cold and clean water. Visit the fossilized sea remains in the desert. Sleep overnight at a touristy Bedouin camp, dinner provided.

– Enjoy the view of a sea of sand that goes as far as your eyes can reach. Endless fields of sand dunes and deep depressions, forming the famous oasis of the Western Desert.