The dives were better than I was expecting, we were lucky to see lots of sharks, esp hammerheads, in areas where it is not usual, and up close, one group of 10, a group of 5 and groups of 3 and a lot of single ones. Everything was great. The food was not gourmet but was fresh, with good choice and lots of it.  No cereal thou for breakfast if one favors cereals. The mashed potatoes were terrific. The room on the liveaboard was a good size and the boat was solid, although not built for tall people.  I am not that tall, but hit my head a number of times on the ceiling. Good thing they had pillows attached to those areas.

I would suggest thou that divers take a quick drying towel to use when the dive ends, so you can save the one they provide for showers. I would suggest bringing a board game or books, as there is a lot of down time. Bring your own nitrox analyzer as they had two on board, but they seemed to give whatever reading you wanted it to give based on how much you turned the tank on.

The week before only 3 sharks were seen. We saw well over 30. We also saw soft coral, hard coral and lots of small fish. Only 16 dives, 3 a day for 5 days and one dive on the 6 day. Long trip to get there thou. didn’t sleep much till day 5 or so. I would definitely consider going again to the Red Sea, either for the northern route or for the 10-14 day trip down to the Sudan.

You would know better than I, but Pete expressed an opinion that not all was settled in Egypt yet and flareups, significant ones and maybe long term, could occur in the fall if elections are not held then. Another Egyptian expressed a similar view.  I felt perfectly comfortable and safe just to let you know. GOOD TRIP!