Our trip on the whole was awesome, fascinating and full of interesting experiences. The Egyptians couldn’t have been friendlier and happier to see us tourists. Our tour guides in Cairo and Luxor were great as was Youssef in Cairo. The liveaboard was just fine and the crew very professional.

Abd Elkader (dive guide) was also really professional and humble at the same time. Poor guy, the water and wind was very tough on him. Thank goodness for those hot showers. The food on the boat was delicious and we never walked away hungry. Kudos to the chef!!! The South Moon does need a makeover, fixing/replacing lights, grout etc. The other clients (Americans) turned out to be very interesting and experienced divers, which made everything more enjoyable. We have made some lifelong friends and possible future dive buddies.

Ahmed always made it his priority to call us while we were on their liveaboard and inquire about how we were faring. Considering we were somewhere in the Red Sea, it was very impressive that he took the time to speak to each of us on the boat. We would definitely recommend Atlantic Divers when considering a trip to Egypt.